About VA Harvest

Who We Are

VA Harvest was established by three former schoolmates: all Virginians. We all own and operate diverse businesses and all of us had an interest in cannabinoids with a focus on CBD. We decided to organize a facility to produce the best CBD products utilizing Virginia hemp. The market is full of makeshift operations that purport to produce “pure” product. Our goal was to create a safe and trustworthy CBD brand strictly adhering to legal and pharmaceutical guidelines so you and your loved ones (pets included) can enjoy the benefits of CBD with peace of mind. 

Our Mission

Our mission at VA Harvest is to provide the highest quality CBD products to our consumers. We pride ourselves on producing clean and pure products free of THC and harmful chemicals.  All of our products go through third-party testing.

Our Products

We only use Virginia grown hemp. Hemp was first grown in Virginia in 1611. The plant thrived in the fertile soil and the sweet rain of the Old Dominion. VA Harvest is grown by generational farmers that nurture their harvest of hemp using time tested techniques along with organic methods that ensure a crop rich in cannabinoid resins. VA Harvest draws the raw CBD from these virgin resins utilizing clean and pure CO2 extraction. Our FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant Richmond, Virginia production facility then proceeds to purify the raw CBD from a full spectrum to a broad spectrum extract that is triple distilled for purity and enhanced for our THC free products.

CBD Creme 1000mg
Wound Care For Pets
VA Harvest Pet CBD Extract
Pet CBD Hemp Extract 500mg