Pet CBD 500mg


Our premium pet CBD extract is made in the same manner as the human extract. We use the clean pharmaceutical grade CO2 extraction on our select Virginia grown hemp that is rich in naturally occurring CBD.

We manufacture our pet product according to stringent FDA GMP pharmaceutical standards. Our Pet CBD Extract is GMO free and triple distilled remove contaminants and only contains broad spectrum CBD and natural Coconut Oil derivatives. Your pet will enjoy a boost in general health and calmness.

Suggested Dosage Guide

Pet CBD Hemp Extract at 500 mg

Small 1 – 4 drops 2 – 15 lbs
Small – Medium 5 – 8 drops (0.25 dropper) 15 – 30 lbs
Medium – Large 10 – 20 drops (.25 – 0.5 dropper) 30 – 60 lbs
Row 4 0.5 to 1 full dropper 60 – 150 lbs


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